Oasis family life ministry (OLFM) primary goals are:

  • Awareness creation to leaders of churches, organization working with children & other relevant institutions.
  • Capacity building of facilitators who in turn build capacities of parents and child caregivers.
  • Equip couples with capacities to resolve problem areas in their marriage life.
  • Support institutions who work with:
    • creating awareness on harmful rituals and cultural practices and their consequences.
    • on early marriage, abduction of girls and domestic abuse of children and women.


  • Offer ICDP training for facilitators, parents, and caregivers.
  • Give training on marriage counseling.
  • Provide capacity building by awareness creation and training to combat harmful practices, early marriages, abduction of girls, domestic abuse of children and women.

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ADDRESS: Enebakkveien 219 C, 0680 Oslo, NORWAY

TELEPHONE: +47 47707510